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Friday Wine Roundup

Christy Canterbury, MW 

In some ways, this seemed like a normal week in the wine world:

·      An American wine icon was released for the first time in almost 50 years. Francis Ford Coppola’s estate released the first Inglenook wine since 1964

·      While California is celebrating this landmark release, New York is trying to preserve the integrity of its ice wines, with US Senator Charles Schumer bringing to the attention of the federal government the rising incidences of counterfeit Chinese “ice wines”.

·      Meanwhile, the 2007 Grange – the latest release - is now available in the US and the jockeying of “best” prices is not dissimilar from that which occurs with top Bordelais bottlings.

·      Looking forward, I’ll be curious to see how much the 240 year old bottle of Vin Jaune goes for at Christie’s next month.

However, even as the wine world kept sailing, a few waves rippled under the surface.

·      Many in the wine business – as well as many wine lovers - opposed to Costco’s lead buyer’s reference to wine being no different than toilet paper.

·      Champagne suffered a terrible frost attack with some growers loosing up to 20, even 30% of their 2012 crop.

·      The wine world cheered upon hearing news that the construction on the Mosel bridge has been halted entirely and seems unlikely to recommence.

Finishing on a celebratory note, we send our congratulations to Robert Parker and his team for issuing their 200th edition of the Wine Advocate!